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Fair Trade Policy

Fair Trade Policy

Our creating a one-off creation is a process that begins not on the factory floor, but in the hearts and minds of our artists. We have retained an exceptional legacy of craftsmanship which embodies a long and glorious heritage coupled with the exceptional tradition of sourcing the finest leather grade and then woven by master craftsmen; the art of weaving has not faded for centuries It takes enormous time and effort to weave the bags by hand and then individually wash the bags with special dye - an extremely critical process.

No two bags would look the same. The bags do not only offers a rich look but also is extremely soft and glamorous. Such bags boast a style that is rugged-chic, and possess a distinctly artisanal look and feel. The leather used is full-grain leather of premium quality - and the more you wear it, the more charm and personality it acquires. Milo bags exude character - from the uniquely-washed leather and the distressed hardware to the confident designs. All Bags are made with love in India

Expressions has invested in Fair Trade business that strives to provide sustainable livelihood to a large number of artisan groups in Kolkata, to develop the MILO woven bags and wallets. The vision of the organization largely contributes to the socioeconomic betterment & upliftment of marginalized artisans and craft producers including women, minority community people and the physically challenged people. Our workforce is well balanced and has a healthy male-female ratio. Of the 185 people working at the factory 25% of them are women and 11% are single female heads of household.

We work intensively to demonstrate and instil the Fair Trade standards of equity, transparency, capacity building, empowerment, social security and environmental sustainability at all the levels of our supply chain.