About Us


The idea for Expressions emerged in early 2008, once we moved into the North American continent after residing in Europe for 14 years. Canada was a rather diverse country, and with that came a lot of different ideas, cultures and contrasting people. The one thing that came to our astonishment, however, was the lack of fashion and a certain pizzazz that most women did not seem to possess. The parallel between European fashion and fashion in Toronto didn’t exist, seeing as everyone walking the busy streets carried the same bags, same wallets and most of all, the same colours. A few months later, we found ourselves at the dining table of our home, trying to come up with unique fabrics and colour combinations to solve the dilemma of a somewhat congruent fashion sense. After working through hundreds of designs and finding the ideal leather quality, we began launching our colourful wallets, bags and scarves in the city of Toronto through numerous trade shows. Within one year, our presence grew far into the west in British Columbia and to the streets of Quebec. They say that colour is a reflection of an individuals personality; which is exactly what we strive to bring to every woman’s wardrobe. With our wallets coming in a wide pallet of colours.

Expressions brings about an extravagant look that makes any woman the centre of attention. Constantly adapting to the changing marketplace, Expressions offers exceptionally soft and tactile nappa leather wallets that come in almost any colour. Our fabrics are designed with the utmost care, in an environment that allows the leather to mature and soften until it is crisp. Our premium products also come with exclusive RFID lining, which disallows any theft or external scanning to any sensitive materials placed inside our products. 

At Expressions, we constantly look to offer products that not only adapt to the changing marketplace, but we seek to create new trends and become the leader in colour, suaveness and urbanity. 


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E-mail: cs@expressionsmilo.com