About Us


Created in 2009, Expressions Milo has come a long way. The company was born out of Anju’s passion towards leather and style. She put her soul and created this line of vintage look hand-crafted & piece dyed leather bags.
Our business model entails creating products in an environmentally sustainable fashion, while ensuring we are meeting Fair Trade standards. To remain true to our core values and our customers, we have continued to manufacture and produce our goods at our high standards, despite incurring additional costs. In addition to this, we are actively supporting our skilled artisans and workers by donating a percentage of our sales. Our goal is to hire local talent within the community to assist us in pivoting our business online.
Our Mission
“Let’s make it together, one bag at a time with love. ”



Phone: +1-(888)-696-3395

E-mail: cs@expressionsmilo.com